Sunday, September 20, 2009

She's here!!!!!

Ok well the last month has been really crazy with pregnancy problems and being induced early. I know most of you don't really care about the details but I'm going to blog it anyways.

When I went to my Dr. at a 5 month appt my blood pressure was a little high and she just told me to watch it and call if it got to high. I figured it was a freak thing or the nurse that did my b/p got a bad reading because I always have low blood pressure, but being a nurse I knew how dangerous it could be so I watched it anyways. It was fine for a couple of months if anything it was low. Then on Aug 23rd after being on call all weekend and having it be absolutely crazy I checked it and it was running 140/90's and not going down. So I text my friend that works with my Dr. and she told me to come in. So I went and saw the on call Dr. and he said it could be the first of toxemia and to come see my regular Dr. on Friday. So when I went on Friday there was 4+ protein in my urine, and my b/p was pretty high, plus all the swelling I had were all signs of toxemia. So he put me on bed rest and said I would be lucky to go a couple more days being pregnant. It was pretty scary I was only 34 weeks pregnant so the Dr. wanted to buy as much time as he could. So I went home and I was checking my b/p myself at home during the night Sat it was sky rocketing like 170/110 so I called the clinic first thing Sunday morning and the doc told me to come into L&D asap. So we went in and he gave me a b/p med and told me I would be in the hospital until I had the baby. Luckily my b/p responded really good to the medication they gave me and I was able to go home on Mon morning but I had to see my doc again Tuesday. So when I went in Tues my b/p had sky rocketed again so he sent me back to the hospital and my b/p never came down so they decided to induce me. They put me on magnesium sulfate to prevent me from having a seizure and it was horrible I was felt totally stoned being on it ( not like I know what being stoned feels like but I imagine it felt like this :). So they started me around 5:00 at night and I had my baby at 5:20 in the morning. We named her Charlie Jane. Luckily she was alot more developed then they expected her to be she weight 5lbs 4 oz and only had to be in the NICU for 5 days. It was so hard having her be down there but we were so lucky to only have her be there for 5 days.
We are so happy that we are all home and healthy. Its really sad that it takes something really scary like this to realize all of things you need to be thankful for and realize how lucky we are just to have our health.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I officially decided I am the worst at keeping up on my blog. A lot has happened since last time I posted. I graduated and passed my RN boards! Yay! I am so relieved it is finally over with now. We are also expecting another little girl on October 9th. We are all really excited for a new baby. Especially Ellie, except she gets a little confused and asks me if she will still be Ellie when she is a big sister :). Its so funny how she thinks of things. The last couple of weekends were fun we spent both of them in Delta. My family does a camping trip every summer this summer we just spent a day at the res and then went up to Oak City one day. It is so fun to get together with the family. Here are some pics while we were there.

The next weekend we went for the 4th of July. We went to the parade with Ji's family and me and Ellie went to the derby with my family. It was a lot of fun, Dustin and Kadee came down so it was really fun to see them. Here are some pics from that.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ellie getting ready for the long ride.

Well, I have been horrible about blogging so I decided after three months its probably time. We just got back from San Diego with Dustin and Kadee. Luckily Jerry and Leandra let us use their time share. Thanks a ton! We couldn't have ever done it without your help. It was way fun, we left on Tuesday night and stayed in Mesquite then headed to San Diego Wednesday morning. Wednesday we just went to eat and went down to the ocean for a little while. Our condo was right on the ocean so it was perfect. Thursday we went to old town and ate at Mexican restaurant. It was amazing! They had the Mexican singers going around to tables and singing. Ellie was in love with them. I think that was her favorite part. On Friday we went to Sea World, that was so fun! It is amazing what they can teach those animals to do. On Saturday we went shopping and hung out in the pool and at the beach. Everyone but me and Ellie got in the ocean, I think they are crazy it was sixty degrees but they had a lot of fun. Then Sunday morning we headed back to Saint George. The ride wasn't that bad, it always seems like it takes so much longer to get somewhere then it does to get back home.
Ellie had to smell every single flower we passed. It was really cute! She said they all smelt like Strawberry cake.

Ellie pretending to be a polar bear in their cave.

This was a flower orchard we passed, we were to cheap to go in so we just got pictures over the fence. It was incredible though, so pretty.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


So last Sunday one of Ji's old mission companions met us in Vegas and took us to the NFR. It was such a blast, they even took us there in a limo. I got the guts up to ride a mechanical bull, I have always wanted to do it but never dared. I just figured what the heck I will never see any of these people again and I rode for the whole eight second! Woo Hoo! It made me miss rodeo's like crazy though and the Cobb's, the family that took us were incredible. It made me really miss good old country people they are the best! It was really good for Ji and Jeff to get together too, they were able to catch up on old times and they had a lot of fun together. Anyways here are some pictures that we took while we were there.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Birthday

Today is my birthday. I have such a nice husband. He let me sleep in this morning and cooked me crepes for breakfast. Ji's parents gave me some pans, which I really needed. Thank you! My mom and dad gave me money which I bought make up and teeth whitening strips with. Ellie woke up this morning and asked me where my Birthday was, its so fun how they perceive things. Anyways thanks to everyone who helped make today such a fun day!

The teddy bear picnic

So I went to the teddy bear picnic at the Jubilee of Tree's this year with a couple of my friends and their little girls. It was so much fun. They had the grinch and Santa Claus there. I was surprised Ellie loved Santa Claus, but she was scared to death of the grinch. My work and my school did a tree for it, they both turned out way cute. I will post pics of them. The whole thing was way fun and the money goes to support the life flight. I think it would be fun tradition to do every year, but we will see I don't know how much longer I will be in Saint George. Anyways here are some pics of them. This is when Santa came out. She was so excited!

They had everyone close there eyes for some magic to happen. The magician came on the stage. haha it was dumb but kind of cute.

Ellie waving goodbye to Santa.

My works Christmas tree. The theme was angels among us. By the way I work for a hospice and home health company so it really fits. Eveyone I work with is the best It really fits the work they do its so close to heaven when dealing with death. It turned out awesome, and they got an award for mayors wife's favorite tree.

Here is the tree that the nursing program did. The theme was Candyland. It turned out way cute!

Preschool Pictures

I haven't written on here for awhile so I will do an update to let ya know whats been going on. I got Ellie's school pictures back. They are way cute! Except they are all in Dr.'s outfits, I asked for pics in normal clothes but somehow the teachers looked over it. So I will post the cutest ones on here.